Nina Hartley

Growing up in Berkeley, California, during the 1960s and ‘70s, Nina Hartley was drawn to sex, sexuality and sexual expression early on, in keeping with the social activism and Liberationist politics of her family. Her interest in spreading a message of sexual liberation, as well as wanting to spend more time with naked women, led her to a career in adult entertainment, where she was known for her enthusiastic embrace of all consensual pleasure, albeit mostly vanilla.

Ms. Hartley was only able to identify her kink orientation when she met her husband and Master, Ernest Greene, on the set of an adult movie. She’s always been kinky but just didn’t know it. Should organizing Barbie orgies as a girl been a sign, or dreaming about group sex before she had even kissed anyone? Perhaps it should have been obvious when she discovered that she liked being spanked during sex, or the shock of recognition upon her first exposure to John Willie’s fabulous fetish art when she was still in high school.

What matters now is that Ms. Hartley lives the dream as a happy slavewife to, and co-producer with, Mr. Greene. Together they’ve created a multi-volume kink videography that stands the test of time, whether it’s the “Private Sessions” series from Bizarre Video, the BDSM Guides for Adam&Eve or the best-selling, three-part feature treatment of the iconic submissive in “O: The Power of Submission,” “The Surrender of O,” and “The Truth About O,” also from Adam&Eve.

Ms. Hartley lives in Los Angeles with Master Greene and prefers to do housework wearing just her collar and a smile.