Lady Hilary

SF Dyke Mommy 1995

Ms Sacramento Valley Leather 1998

A quarter of a century ago this past summer (some of you might not have even been born yet), Lady Hilary walked into her first back alley dungeon and her life has never been the same. She flew into the play and social culture of the late 80’s and early 90’s, and was an activist and witness to more than her share of raunchy leather sex, wild cherry picking, and had an uncanny draw for virgins landing into her nest.

Lady Hilary has had the honor to judge, teach, present, emcee and fuck across the country in celebration of who we are and our potential. On her journey, she has twice been honored as a titleholder: SF Dyke Mommy 1995 and Ms Sacramento Valley Leather 1998. She also competed for IMsL in 1998 with an amazing group of leather women; and was taught to respect our history, be present and active in the NOW and to lay the foundation for the future.

Becoming a national presenter, teaching at events from New York City to Seattle has been an extremely humbling and rewarding experience.  Lady Hilary has shared her knowledge (and stretched her sexual wings) with the likes of The Exiles, Alameda Leather Corps, Santa Clara County Leather Association, smOdyssey, Inc., Sacramento Valley Leather Corps, The Citadel, The Society of Janus, Rio Grande Leather, Dark Odyssey, Sacramento Valley Heat, Southwest Leather Conference, International Ms Leather, Sin in the City and numerous other organizations and conferences. Presently, she is the producer for Camp Queer, an intimate Kinky Vacation and Vanguard Leather events that aim to create an environment for queer leather people, and other diverse groups, that encourages journeying, fosters centeredness and inspires passion and excellence.

From her passion to translate powerful business and personal growth metaphors into the leather worldview, Lady Hilary firmly believes in a path of a bliss-filled life of focused passion, vision, and service. She values those brave enough to be in their vulnerable, authentic selves.

One last important note, this bird cannot be fucking caged.