Master George & slave bren

Southwest Master/ slave 2011

Master George & slave bren have been on a M/s journey together for 11 years, she became his collared slave in 2008. She is Canadian made, American owned and operated! Both are very active in their local and national Leather Communities and travel the country educating on Master/slave dynamics.

Master George served as the Threshold Society Coordinator a pansexual dungeon and community center in Los Angeles California from 2009/2012 He was a board member for the Los Angeles Leather Coalition 2012/2013 as well as the Leather heart foundation (present) He is founder of the Los Angeles Brothers in Dominance (LABiD) a group that supports Male Dominants in the LA area since 2003 til present.  Master George is founder of MAsT North Hollywood and patriarch of his leather family.  A proud member of the Red Dragons,  A International Leather /BDSM Motorcycle riding club. Master George was chosen the Southland Honors 2012 Man of the year for his dedication to his local leather community in Los Angeles, and was honored to be asked to lecture at the Gathering of Tribes in Dallas Texas hosted by the Council of Tribes in August 2012. Master George is the Producer of the Southern California Master/slave Contest. Executive producer of the Leather H.E.A.T. Conference in Los Angeles, CA.

slave bren is first a dedicated slave in service to Master George.  SW Leather slave 2011, the Threshold Society ( Coordinator Emeritus, from 2012-2013 she is the first female slave to ever hold this position in its 31st year. She is the humble founder of the Los Angeles sisters in submission (LAsis) support group founded in 2003 till present, co-founder, hostess of the MAsT North Hollywood chapter  and founder of the Girl of Leather chapter in LA. A proud member of the Red Dragons,  A International Leather /BDSM Motorcycle riding club and she served as the Southwest Leather M/s Contest Coordinator 2013 Host the Gear it up & cruise parties for the Los Angeles women’s community, is an executive producer of the Leather H.E.A.T conference in Los Angeles and producer of the SoCal M/s contest.  She along with her Master travel around the nation presenting classes on the Master/slave dynamic,  slave  bren  has been awarded  the Southland honors Chairman’s award 2012 for her service to her local leather community. Southwest Leather Conference Volunteer of the Year Award in January 2013. slave bren  was honored to be nominated Pantheon woman of the year 2013 and Pantheon Community Choice woman for 2013.