Q & Arli Nikkel

Handsome queer dandy butch boi who likes to flirt

Q is a self-identified queer, gender nonconforming, polyamorous leather boi. It’s well known that flirting is Q’s default mode of communication. He can often be found with a charming smile on his face or looking mischievous with the other bois. On rare occasions this boi might even be found dancing on a table for the right amount of money…for charity of course!

Arli is a fierce, fat, femme who is devoted to her logical family. She is dedicated to her hometown community in Vancouver, Canada where she has been organizing parties since the mid 1990s. Most recently she was a founding organizer of Canadian Mayhem, a group of dedicated volunteers who threw several queer themed BDSM play parties a year including a successful weekend conference in 2009.

Arli has recently begun to embrace her switchy side. Really she thinks she is just bossy but others would suggest otherwise. She is fortunate to be able to provide support and mentorship to many and delights in empowering other submissives as they navigate the world of dominance and submission.

In 2008 Arli returned to one of her first loves, that of teaching. She has presented at Lupercalia, (Edmonton, AB), DESIRE 2010, (Palm Springs, CA), and KinkFest 2011, (Portland, OR), IMsL 2011, (San Francisco, CA),  Desire 2011, (Palm Springs, CA),  Dark Odyssey Summer Camp 2011, (Maryland), KinkLinks 2013, (Seattle, WA) and Wink 2013, (Seattle, WA), Northern Exposure 2014, (Anchorage, AK). In 2012 she was honoured to be a judge at IMsL.