Sarha Shaubach

International Ms Leather 2013

Sarha Shaubach, International Ms Leather 2013, is a married, owned submissive, fur trader, farmer, and supermarket vegetarian living on a hobby farm in Meadow Lakes, Alaska (about an hour and fifteen minutes northwest of Anchorage). Sarha has been in service to the Alaskan community for over 8 years. She organizes Northern Exposure, in association with Foxfinder Productions, Alaska's only annual kinky educational weekend. In Collaboration with TLFMC, Mad Myrnas and The Raven Bar, Sarha hosted the first ever Northern Lights Leather Weekend that featured her sash husband, International Mr Leather, Andy Cross in Anchorage, Alaska.

Sarha has dedicated the last 8 years to community involvement through Leather education by hosting workshops, demo nights, themed parties, and coffee Meet and Mingles. She works to build community with such groups as The Last Frontier Men's Club (TLFMC) which is Alaska's ONLY Leather Club. She can be found spending time with the Imperial Court of All Alaska and The Last Frontier Drag Kings, Alaska's first Drag King troupe and is known for her Lemonade 4 Love Stands that happen across Alaska during Alaska's GLBT Pride Fest! She held the title of Ms Alaska Leather for 25 full months.

Sponsored by TLFMC, and known for being persistent, this was her second run at the International Ms Leather title. She was selected from a field of 8 contestants and has spent her title year reaching out communities small and large by traveling all over the lower 48, mostly by road tripping with friends and using the Megabus. She is planning two more cross country trips this year - and is committed to popping into Canada and spending Easter in Berlin with Andy Cross. Her list of trips and events so far are listed below and check back for details of her upcoming trips!

Summing up, Sarha describes herself as happy, determined, frank, caring, human, horny and loyal.