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Kitty Cheshire

Sin in the City 2015 Playground Coordinator

Kitty's infallible sense of playfulness has led her to wear many hats. She has served as the "Coordinatrix" for UnBound since 2013, and  has alternately been audio technician, musician, model, stripper, DJ, dancer, seamstress, writer, teacher, and considers herself a perpetual student, always searching for that next new sense. Her most important hat, though, is perhaps her pair of kitty ears. A little/neko (or, as she prefers, "kitten") herself, she delights in the play to be found between pets, littles, and everything in between. The sensuality to be found when the play of the little/pet meets the kinkster is just a bonus! While Kitty can be just a bit bashful from time to time, she is elated to join the babies, littles, bigs, cubs, pets, and owners, and even those who are just curious at The Playground and to share this wonderful event with each of you!