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Levi "Otter"

Mr. Leather Colorado 2011
Sin in the City 2015 MANhole Coordinator

Levi "Otter" discovered his love for leather as a young kid when he was given his first pair of cowboy boots and taught how to care for them.  Little did he know that love would translate itself into a core set of values and a community that would truly become his chosen family which he is heavily invested in today.  That chosen family consists of several invaluable relationships that transcend traditional family constructs.  Otter is accompanied and supported by his husband Tai, who assists when presenting and instructing.  Levi served as Mr. Leather Colorado 2011 and represented well at the International Mr. Leather contest in May 2012.  Otter trained under Robert for several years at Denver Bound, a traditional rope bondage studio; and has been an instructor at large for them ever since.  Levi's life focuses on education, both his own and what he can give back to the community in gratitude for the invaluable things it has given him.