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Master Konraad

Sin in the City 2015 Executive Producer
Sin in the City 2014 Executive Producer
Sin in the City 2013 Executive Producer

Master Konraad has judged and presented at a multitude of kink events throughout the United States (and Canada). He is the Executive Producer for Sin in the City, a leather event in the Southwest United States, is a member of several local leather, lifestyle and kink-related organizations, and has been actively involved in media contact (including numerous appearances on local and national broadcast and print news) and other “real world” sexual freedom and sex industry issues. Konraad has served as a Board Member for ILSb and ICBB, was the founder of The Shack (Southern Nevada’s first community playspace), and is the former Executive Director of MAsT International. He also teaches martial arts and law-related classes to community and law enforcement organizations, produces and competes in martial arts contests and seminars, and is involved in medieval recreation.