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Ms. Bit

Sin in the City 2015 East Coast Outreach
Sin in the City 2014 Hospitality Suite Coordinator

Sin in the City 2013 Volunteer Coordinator

Ms. Bit, Originally from Long Island N. Y. I have been in the Las Vegas Community going on Six years.  I am a petite 4' 8" person.  I am also a disabled person and have a few "speed bumps" as I call them.  I play as my energy and Asthma allow.

As Dominant Woman I enjoy the lifestyle as much as I can. I have been in the scene for well over 10 years (not giving my age away) and have enjoyed many types of play with lots of wonderful people.  I am a very social person and active in our local community.

In N.Y., I am a current Member of TES (The Eulenspiegel Society), LILNR (Long Island Leather & Roses), Life In Nassau & DSF (Dom, Sub Friends).

In L.V.,  I am a current member of LUC (Leather Uniform Club), I am a board member of Sin City D/s Society (local Meet & Greet), I was the Volunteer Coordinator for Sin-In-The-City 2013,The Hospitality Suite Coordinator for Sin -In-The-City 2014, East Coast Outreach for Sin- In-The-City 2015,  I graduated and was a  Mentor from LVMP (Las Vegas Mentors Program), I am a member of LVLW (Las Vegas Leather Women), and I was on the council of "The Shack".