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Sin in the City 2015 Assistant Producer
Sin in the City 2014 Assistant Producer
Sin in the City 2013 Producer's Assistant

Xornath came into the scene in 1994 in Salt Lake City, UT and immediately became involved in the local group and online forums.  She was board member of Utah Powerplay, graduated from the Journeyman III Academy based in Utah in 1999, and taught locally in Utah.  She took a break from the scene for a decade, and then returned first to private play with her partner, Phoenix, and then to the public scene in Utah and Las Vegas.  She is a member of Las Vegas Leatherwomen, MasT: Vegas Valley, the Leather Uniform Club of Las Vegas (LUC Of LV), regularly attends Sin City D/s Munches, and local classes whenever she is able.  She has taught at Las Vegas Leatherwomen and The Journey (based in Salt Lake).   She was the Assistant Producer of Sin in the 2013.

Xornath is in an authority transfer dynamic with her girl, Phoenix.  Xornath is called to the master/slave dynamic and has accepted the mantle of mastery.  She focuses on promoting and providing service through education and community.  She truly believes that the heart of leather is in service, education, and giving back to the greater community.