2015 Workshops

Currently Confirmed Workshops for Sin in the City 2015
Stay Tuned as More are Added Daily!

Adding One More: How Hard Could it Be? by The Alexander Family
Age Play for Bigs and Littles by Luna Bear
Aging in the Leather Community – How to Deal with Getting Older in Our Community by Loren Berthelsen

All in the Family by Master Z (Texas)
Authentic Desire, Authentic Consent (part 2) by Lady Hilary
Flirt Like You Mean It by Q and Arli Nikkel
Her Pleasure is Your Power: Vulva Whispering by Nina Hartley
Hazing: Role Play and the Power of Initiation by Praxxis
Heel to Toe: Foot, Boot, and Shoe Worship by Mistress Simone
Hidden Prejudices Against Extreme SM Scenes – Acceptance and Tolerance by Master Malik and slave Cathy

Hoods and Masks and Blindfolds, Oh My! by Master Trish
How Interrogations are Used for Fun by Master Dennis and Ms. Bonnie
How to Identify a Predator by Mystryss Lily

Icebreakers by Sarha Shaubach
If You Meet the Master on the Road, Kill Him! by Master Jim
Intro to Puppy Play by Master Tallen and Rocko
The Invisible Leash: A What, When, Where, Why and How Guide to Protocols by Master Tallen and slave george

Jealousy: Dancing with the Green Eyed Monster by Nina Hartley
Journeys in Leather by Mr. Andrew Love
Keeping Yourself Safe as a Top (A Panel Discussion)
Knives by KYew
Latex 101: Care and Repair of Your Latex by Tonya Winter
Leather Care 101 by Jayson DaBoi
Leathersex by RasSLC
Living on the Edge: Straight Razor Play by Team Fluffy
The Long Fuse: Slow Burn Fear Play by Mr. Andrew Love
Media Whore: Dos and Don’ts by Loren Berthelsen
Old Guard Traditions and Protocol and Why You Don't Need Them by Hardy Haberman
One Size Doesn't Fit All: Managing a Multi-slave Household by The Alexander Family
Out of the Closet and Into the Chair by Jayson DaBoi
Over the Edge: Extreme Sensory Overload by Ms. Shae
Ownership...and the Art of Power slave Maintenance by Master George and slave bren
Physicality: Punching, Kicking and Slapping by Lady Catherine Gross
Piss Play by Mark Frazier
Plastic Surgery on a Budget by Team Fluffy
Pretty in Pink: Getting in Touch with His Feminine Side by Miss Mina Hart
Ponies, Puppies, Kitties...Oh My! Animal Role Play  by Luna Bear
Pony Play 102: Gaits by subMissAnn
Pony Play 103: Training and Techniques by subMissAnn
Pony Play 104: Grooming & Aftercare by subMissAnn
The Reluctant Masochist by Q and Arli Nikkel
Rubber Band Torture! by Mark Frazier
Seeking Kink Connection: Finding the Right Partner, Finding You (part 1) by Lady Hilary
Sex Sells: How to Write and Sell Erotica by Ralph Greco and M. Christian
Spirituality in the Dungeon by Master Malik and slave Cathy
Stimulating Sexual Submission and Surrender by Mr. Andrew Love
Sweetly Sadistic, and Savagely Sensual: The Two Ends of the Cane by RasSLC
Taboos and Mind Fucks by Wayne Brawner