Control vs. Authority

Day: Friday

Time: 3:30 PM

Location: Capri 116

The giving and accepting of Control has long been considered a pillar by which D/s and M/s relationships function. But is control an illusion? What does control truly look like, and does it have a direction? How is it applied, and when is it a hindrance to, rather than facilitation for, success? Is it truly the wings upon which an M/s or D/s relationship can flourish, or is it a trap?

Master George and slave bren have wrestled with the questions of control for a decade as they have built their M/ dynamic from scratch. In doing so, they peeled back the levels of confusion that control concepts offer, and discovered that control has a big –but surprising – part to pay in the lifestyle of power exchange relationships.

Let’s take a good look at control and who has it, when it comes in necessary for growth but also when it becomes a burden to a relationship. We will look into inner control versus external control and when to apply these in an M/s dynamic. Can we really control anything but ourselves?

Master George and slave bren will share with you their perspectives, experiences, and discoveries about control, and how it’s used and misused, understood and misunderstood in them/s D/s world, and offer you tools on how to keep control under control – from both the Top perspective and the bottom perspective, and how to use control to attain balance.