Dancing on the Ceiling

Day: Friday

Time: 3:30 PM

Location: Royal 6 (The MIXER)

This is a rope class that is not for beginners.  We will be touching on more than basic skills for getting your bottom off the ground.  We will cover the components of suspension, safety involved for both bottom and top, perspectives from both the top and bottom of suspension, various ties used in suspension, and we will be demonstrating at least two suspensions as well as giving some hands on tutoring and chance to try some of the things discussed in the class.  Please bring 6-10 lengths of rope that are between 25-35 feet long.  (Don’t go buy special rope to get the particular number and length.  Just bring your own rope you tie with normally.  The lengths are merely a suggestion.  The number of ropes is the important part.)  We will not be providing bottoms to practice on.  Either bring one, or come early to class and team up with another single attending.  In this class as in all of Otter’s rope classes there’s no dominant and submissive partners, only people getting tied and people wielding rope.  Just remember ladies and gents, there’s nothing like the feeling of dancing on the ceiling.