Heel to Toe: Foot, Boot, and Shoe Worship

Day: Friday

Time: 11:00 AM

Location: Capri 112

Admiration for a well-turned foot encased in a lovely shoe or boot is something many of us appreciate it.Millions of dollars are spent every year adorning one small area of the human body: the foot. From jewelry and nail polish to silky stockings, sexy hosiery and all types of foot wear, many of us give our feet an awful lot of attention. So what are these fetishes all about? That is what Mistress Simone will delve into during this discussion. All the myriads of varieties within this fetish will be teased on. Mistress will give tips on how to engage these fetishist and discuss the object of adoration comfortably. Attendees are welcome to bring or wear their favorite foot adornments. Audience interaction will be encouraged.