Hidden Prejudices Against Extreme SM Scenes – Acceptance and Tolerance

Day: Friday

Time: 1:30 PM

Location: Capri 111

It takes no effort to enjoy the activities we feel comfortable with, be they vanilla or kinky. That is the path of least resistance. We, BDSM and/or Leather folks who are on the fringes of society, who are rebels by nature, who chart their own journeys, must not take this path of least resistance. Many of us preach and make statements of tolerating and accepting of other people's kink, but the real test is when we actually come face to face to witness those acts which lie outside of our zone of comfort. It is important to step outside of one's own zone of comfort not only to test our resolve but also showing support to those who engage in them. After all, we are all linked by this desire to express ourselves with the acceptance of our tribe.

There are hidden or subconscious prejudices against some of the SM plays by many of us. They are steeped in ignorance, lack of understanding, pre conceived notions, arbitrary thinking or just being judgmental. Playing with blood could be one of those activities. Incorporating guns in our scenes by some could be another. Extra (subjective) harsh beating or kicking or choking or degrading or humiliating or whipping could raise eye brows of many without that person's realization. Playing with religious, cultural, racial or ethnic symbols could also be one of those.