Ownership...and the Art of Power slave Maintenance

Day: Saturday

Time: 3:30 PM

Location: Capri 116

They have dynamic, straightforward personalities. There’s nothing “submissive” about them except their willingness to obey your decisions. The can build pyramids, or drive themselves into the ground pursuing a successful outcome to your instructions. How does a Master manage a power slave? What is a power slave and how are they guided in a healthy and productive manner? How do you even know if you are a power slave? When is “power” transferred into pushing, or trying to take the lead, and what can be done to effectively re-align such behavior into something productive and beneficial? And what are the costs and the rewards to the harnessing of a power slave?

Master George and slave bren will share their insights on these questions, and offer some practical tools to help properly motivate and guide the power slave, as well as offer reflections on their own personal exploration of power slave dynamics—both the good, as well as the challenging.