Ponies, Puppies, Kitties...Oh My! Animal Role Play

Day: Saturday

Time: 1:30 PM

Location: Sky 207-208 (The Playground)

Have you ever heard the call of the wild animal within, or domesticated for that matter?! Do you dream of running the plains, or lying about and being petted, pampered and spoiled? Animal role play is fun, creative, challenging, and rewarding on many levels. Let's discuss different types of role play, how you can achieve animal head space, accessories to get in the mood, and let's face it it's all about the accessories! This class is for all experience levels and animals from mild to wild, or for those who love animals as I do. It is an interactive class so please come with any items, stories, or experiences you might want to share and I will try to give you insight and tips to get started.