The Invisible Leash: A What, When, Where, Why and How Guide to Protocols

Day: Friday

Time: 11:00 AM

Location: Capri 116

We have all heard the word Protocol very often since the beginning of our journeys. But still, the questions can remain: What are they, when are they used, and why are they important? As with a lot of things within the Master/slave dynamic, we all are able to do what works for us, whether or not it is common in other Master/slave relationships. Whether you have one protocol, or ten; regardless if you are in a new relationship, or have been in it ten years, the fact remains that having protocols, organizing them, and enforcing them, is an invaluable tool to help maintain the dynamic. In this presentation, Master Tallen will help you discover protocols, or rediscover them. We will also explore various approaches to establishing and maintaining protocols to help Masters and slaves strengthen their dynamic.

This workshop can be beneficial to everyone, novice or intermediate, Master or slave, and for the individual, as well as those already in a Dom/sub relationship.