What the Hell Do You Mean, You're a Little? Now What do I do?

Day: Friday

Time: 3:30 PM

Location: Sky 207-208 (The Playground)

Breathe, relax it is OK? There has been a surge of "little's" within our world, it can be very disconcerting for a big tough leather Master to come to grips with this phenomenon, their charges exhibit child like actions, behaviors or respectfully request to explore them. Oh what is a Master to do? I will share my trials and tribulations of dealing with these worrisome and at times delightful bundles of joy. We shall explore the many types of 'little' and the ways that this can be integrated within your Master/Slave dynamics. There are many things to watch out for as well so we shall; Take a deep breath, add a few toys (real ones) to our toy bag, learn which crayons are good and which ones are "Icky", and most of all learn that what is in one's pockets is fair game.