slave toi

Sir Gareth
and slave toi met in the summer of 2006; at the time Sir Gareth was living in Colorado and slave toi in Southern California. The couple began a long distance relationship and visited each other frequently until Sir Gareth moved to California in February 2007.

On February 17, 2007, slave toi accepted Sir Gareth’s collar in a formal ceremony at The Lair in Los Angeles. In June of 2009, they moved into their lakeside home in Northern Colorado. They were legally married in July 2009. They say marriage has not changed their relationship as Master and slave, but publicly honors it in a way that is culturally acknowledged. The say, “The collaring was for us, the marriage was for our family”, always keeping their Master/slave relationship their first priority.

slave toi is the secretary of MAsT-Fort Collins as well as the 2015 Director of Public Relations and Promotions for the Denver girls Of Leather. She has served on the board of directors for The Colorado LeatherFest. She is also a member of MAsT-Metro Denver, MAsT – International and a number of clubs in Colorado and California.

In 2015 they founded the non-profit organization, “Reclaiming Our Leather History”, dedicated to recovering, restoring and re-homing Leather items throughout the US and Canada.

slave toi is honored to be the Southwest slave 2015 and the Colorado slave 2014.

slave toi is presenting: