Dale Wolf

Dale is a sado-masochistic bisexual leather switch and considered a heavy player. He began his journey as a submissive in Calgary in 1998 and has been exploring as both a Top and a bottom ever since.


A lifelong martial arts enthusiast with a preference for reactive emotional scenes, he is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, pressure points and take downs; and is obsessed with fire, uniforms, sharp objects of all kinds, electricity and mind fucks :)

Dale enjoys offering his experiences to others, and being a part of their personal discovery. He is a host of COPE (a monthly dungeon party in Edmonton). Past activities include ritual piercing and Edmonton site coordination for Edgewalkers, several years as a leader/piercer at Primal Pain, ritual piercing with Elwood in the Vancouver area, 2 years as the Co-Chair of Lupercalia, and organizing a number of demos and presenting workshops for events and conferences throughout western Canada.

Dale Wolf is presenting: