Dmitri E. Ville

Dmitri E. Ville, of Rohnert Park, CA, is a 53 year old, Bisexual, Polyamorous Dominant. He has been involved in the Leather Lifestyle since 1993 but seriously involved himself in the BDSM lifestyle in 1995. Once a designer and maker of BDSM leather toys/products and Owner of E-Ville Designs. He now creates lapel pins like the one you received this weekend. Dmitri is a fun loving, caring, sensitive, sensual Sadist with a firm but caring hand of guidance who enjoys intense play that often incorporates floggers and single tails. Winner of the short whip competition at the Oct. 2000, Malicious Masquerade in Chicago, IL. For those of you who enjoy the mystique of Vampires, ask him to smile for you. Yes, He bites! \{v^^^^v}/4

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