Jon Marelli

As a Leather/BDSM/Fetish Lifestyle player, Jon focuses on primal, sensual, sexual, carnal, down and dirty, and raunchy play. Finding the sex in Leathersex and exploring Sex Magic in SM is too often overlooked in the clinical and antiseptic environment of “how to”.

As a BDSM educator, Jon’s message is that the difference between a good scene and a great scene is not found in the technical application of tools and toys, but in the mental and physiological expression of the player’s intentions.  Focusing on the “why” of play, rather than just the “how”, creates truly transformative experiences.

Jon has presented classes and weekend intensive workshops in Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Boise, Indianapolis, and Seattle. Jon is the Headmaster for Leather Quest Salt Lake City, an education experience focused on BDSM skills, Leather history, personal growth, teaching, leadership, community service, spirituality, and a tradition of earned leather.

Jon Marelli is presenting: