Master Gibson

Master Gibson’s motto: "Observe that which inspires you, Master it, and continue to serve."  He fou

nd his home in Locus Esti, a Leather Lifestyle organization and chosen Family that has fostered his personal growth and development as a Leatherman and leader in our community. He has held several key positions within the Leather Communities in Salt Lake City UT, many of which involve him leading monthly events, educational classes, fundraisers and rituals. After graduating Leather Quest Salt Lake City in 2011, he was chosen to serve as the Junior Headmaster for the next Leather Quest class, and then as the Headmaster of the next Journey class.  Spending most of his time in volunteer, co-production and production positions, you’re likely to see him rushing by to provide his community with unobtrusive service and opportunities to indulge in their hearts’ desires. When not found happily filling any of the roles listed above, chances are you will find him getting his hands dirty improving the Salt Lake City Clubhouse or spending time working and playing with his bratty girls.

Master Gibson is presenting: