Master Griffin & slave Ann

Master Griffin has been active in the public lifestyle for over 17 years as a presenter and staff at events and clubs. While he enjoys the play aspect of the scene, especially rough play, take downs, and wrestling, his primary focus is on the Master slave dynamics.  Master Griffin has been staff at the Crucible, and an alumnus of the Master Taino’s Masters Academy.

When not at an event he most likely will be working with his horse, training with the mounted Search and Rescue team, practicing tournament riding for SCA events, building RC quadcopters, SCUBA diving, or hiking and camping with their two border collies.

Slave Ann identifies as a service submissive and slavemate to Master Griffin. slave Ann was introduced to a private D/s relationship in her early 20’s, and after much wandering around, found the public lifestyle 17 years ago and never looked back. She has been active member of groups, public events and activities, where she has been a service provider, presenter, organizer, mentor and leader for several. She also has been staff at the Crucible, is an alumnus of Master Taino’s slave Academy.

In addition to lifestyle activities and events, slave ann enjoys horseback riding, agility work with her border collie, SCUBA diving, sailing, camping, SCA events, and any hands building project.

Master Griffin and slave Ann are presenting: