Mistress Cyan

2009 Pantheon of Leather Woman Of The Year

Mistress Cyan was introduced to The Lifestyle in 1989, and has since become a well-respected Leader in The Los Angeles BDSM and Leather Communities.  She is known for her charity and dedication to The Community and for her skills with Her Floggers and Singletail.  She is always looking to "give back" to the Community that she loves in any way she can.

Mistress Cyan has produced major conventions, promoted fetish nightclubs, performed at many major fetish clubs and events, produces two Leather Contests, owns her own Dungeon and is also active in the BDSM and Leather Lifestyle. She is the Founder /Organizer and Executive Producer of DomCon LA and DomCon Atlanta (both of which are now in their ninth year) and is the Owner/Operator of Sanctuary Studios LAX, the largest dungeon in Los Angeles.

Mistress Cyan was invited to become a member of The Los Angeles Leather Coalition in 2005 after receiving six nominations in the 2005 Southland Honors. She then received seven more nominations in the 2006 Southland Honors and was presented The Fundraiser of The Year Award for 2006. She also received eight nominations in the 2006 Pantheon of Leather Awards and was presented The 2006 Pantheon of Leather Community Choice (Woman) Award. In March of 2007, The Los Angeles Leather Coalition presented Mistress Cyan with The Mentor of The Year Award for 2007, and was presented The Treasurers Award in 2008. In 2009, Mistress Cyan was awarded Fundraiser of The year for the second time and was named the 2009 Pantheon of Leather Woman of The Year.

She has served as President of two of the largest FemDom groups in Los Angeles and served on The Board of Advisers for The Los Angeles Chapter of Club FEM. She is currently an active member of The Los Angeles Leather Coalition Fundraising Committee and participates on The Los Angeles Leather Pride Committee and the LA Pride/Erotic City Planning Team, and has been the Committee Chairperson for the committee in charge of Sponsorship and Vendors since 2006. She has served two years on the Board of The Los Angeles Leather Coalition as Secretary, and was on the committee for LLC 2011. She served as co-chair for The Los Angeles Leather Contest Weekend and is now co-producer of The Mr. & Ms. International Olympus Leather Contest.

In June 2015, Mistress Cyan was diagnosed with tonsil cancer and spent most of the latter half of the year undergoing chemo and radiation therapy. After a long hard fight, all indications are that she won the battle and is now back on her feet recovering from the treatment.

Mistress Cyan is presenting: