Mystryss Lily

Mystryss Lily is a leather woman who’s been enjoying her journey since 1993.  She’s helped run many clubs in Detroit from behind the scenes; and now owns her own dedicated lifestyle venue, The Kinkdom. As a strong proponent of education within alternative lifestyles, she has taught classes for more than 15 years, at events ranging from The Leather People of ColorWorkshops, for Men of ONYX, at International Mr. Leather, to Great Lakes Leather Alliance. She’s also won two helping hands awards from Leather Weekend of Caring, been a guest of honor at DomCon Atlanta, and won the 2014 ONYX Jill Carter/ViolaJohnson Community Service Award. Mystryss Lily has also judged leather competitions, written safety articles, co-founded the charity organization Beautiful, was Member at large for the Leather Institute For Education Detroit, fundraises for a plethora of organizations like Mr. Friendly, and is “Mama’s Petite fleur Noir” in Mama’s Family.

Mystryss Lily will be presenting: