Ranell, Aren, and Ms WillowKat

International and Pacific Coast Power Exchange 2015 titleholders Ranell, Aren and

Ms WillowKat are a committed triad within a web of leather families. Ranell - Master, slave, leatherdyke and mystic - is passionate about mindfulness, healthy communication and self-mastery.  Aren’s trickster energy shines through her words and actions as a journeyman priestess, writer, leather educator and slave. Ms. WillowKat brings her creative passion for healing to her endeavors as shamanic priestess, Master, kinky caregiver and midwife to the dying. Our passions include D/s, sex magic, BDSM edge play, tree-hugging, motorcycles, and heading canine packs. We balance monastic leanings with intricate polyamorous lives.

Ranell, Aren, and Ms WillowKat are presenting: