Sharrin Spector

Sharrin Spector found the leather community in Seattle and been active in the BDSM/Leather community for over 20+ years. She was one of the organizers of Powersurge started in Seattle in 1992. Her passions for blood, rattan canes and being on the receiving end of excellent service moved her into being a much requested educator and player. Sharrin has taught for many organizations around the country and she supported the Bay area community through Pierce Ink, her body modification shop until 2010. She began working on IMsL staff in 2006 and became Executive Producer of IMsL Productions, LLC that hosts the weekend in 2013.  When not traveling, she lives in a non-traditional "poly-cule” in Oakland, CA and married her boy, pat, in 2014.  She creates an incredible party for 800 of her closest friends and reminds us all why we love what we do!

Sharrin Spector is presenting: