Chips of Perversity

The producers of Sin in the City are proud to announce:
Poke-Her, Poke-Him, Poke-It: the game of fun, no matter who or what you are poking with Chips of Perversity 2016!

At Sin in the City 2016, we will once again have a variety of beautiful custom-printed souvenir poker chips, each in a different color and with a different monetary value printed on the back. Participating in different areas of the event will allow you to collect different chips, and whoever has the most money in chips on Sunday morning, wins the GRAND prize!

Rules of the Game:

You may collect chips from other people, but you may NOT take a chip from another person without trading something…trade a scene, a kiss, a backrub, a sunscreen application, whatever you like, but you MUST trade something.

Chips will be earned for, registering early, staying at the hotel, attending different classes / socials / workshops / parties throughout the event weekend, impressing a staff member with the best outfit they see, the best scene they see, etc.

This year we will have both an individual prize and a group prize (so groups can pool together, if they like, but individuals are rewarded for their personal effort).

We've done everything we can to make Sin in the City 2016 as economical and enjoyable as possible. So definitely make your reservations for the hotel before the rooms sell out!

Your event program will detail the complete key to this souvenir chip game.

And, the GRAND Prize

A collapsible St. Andrew's Cross, built by our very own Marv the Carpenter!