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Advanced Petplay: Headspace, Psychology, and the Chewed Boot Paradox

Day: Saturday
Time: 1:30 PM
Location: Apollo 5

This class will answer the age-old question of who's a good dog?  Is it you?  Are you a good dog?  ...for those already curious, interested, or involved in petplay, this advanced class covers pet "headspace" and psychology, as well as movement and restraint for the human pet, with particular focus on four-legged species such as pups, kittens, and foxes.  Also covered are resources, myths, and communications recommended for the most fulfilling petplay experience.  While mainly targeted at human pets, there is plenty for the clever trainer to learn in this interactive class on human-animal roleplay and its role in the D/s and leather communities.  Participants are encouraged to bring gear, questions, and treats for Pepper.  Good Pepper.  Good dog.  Yes you are.