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Do you Want to Build a Fucktoy? It Doesn't Have to be a Fucktoy?

Day: Saturday
Time: 3:30 PM
Location: Apollo 5

Slut, whore, fucktoy, cumdumpster, harlot, cocksucker, bitch. Do these words make you wet, hard, or all gooey inside? Then you might get off on sexual objectification. I do. Do you want to build a fucktoy, or build yourself into a fucktoy?

Sexual objectification is not just limited to adding dynamic and vibrant energy to BDSM scenes; it is a fantastic tool for deepening headspace in kinky relationships. Building a fucktoy starts with feeling safe and secure in our sexual selves. When we build our trust and confidence as sexual beings, we deepen our scenes, personal headspace, and kinky relationships.