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Primal Play

Time: 9:00 AM
Location: Apollo 7 & 8

Primal Play, Force Play, Resistance Play, it all means the same thing: “Get out of your head play”, strip away the protocols, lose the verbiage, remove your inhibitions and grease up your emotions.

Within the circle lie not a Master and a slave, a dom and a sub. Merely two tops striving to express dominance and with some teeth and claws thrown in. This is not animal play this is primal, deep core of the human beast play. Were two human animals meet, where one force’s the submission of the other, by animalistic primal means! Physical, sexual, with no language but the guttural, no reasoning beyond the base needs to fight or flight, overpower or submit, conquer or be claimed.

A brief safety portion and prep discussion followed by discussion and interactions with words at the end.