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Showing Your Vegas: Strategies for Public Sex

Day: Friday
Time: 11:00 AM
Location: Apollo 1

Sex in public, while unlawful or inadvisable in most places, remains a popular fantasy for couples. It's hot. The risk of discovery, the novelty of new places, the rebellious rule-breaking, the romance of spontaneous passion that can't be contained or delayed until you get home... all that and more makes adventurous sex appealing. But how do you and your partner get carried away with such activity without getting hauled away? Learn how to play with your partner outside of the home, including creative techniques for taking your affection out in the public--without displaying it to non-consenting eyes. Highlights include:

  1. What are the laws, and how to (up)skirt them
  2. How to get the effect of public sex in private
  3. Best places for public sex
  4. How to remain inconspicuous
  5. How to prepare
  6. Dress for success
  7. Best positions
  8. Conceal-and-carry sex toys
  9. Aftercare & clean-up
  10. Tips for public D/s scenes