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Stories From Our Shadows

By Dossie Easton

Day: Saturday
Time: 3:30 PM
Location: Apollo 2

What is so hot about our favorite sexy fairy tales?  What happens when we enact them? What can we learn about ourselves, each other?  Who do we get to be? Good Daddy, Bad Mommy, Brat, Little Red Riding Hood - as a therapist, I get to explore with a lot of people how these stories, the fantasies we lust after, and our ever-so-hot roleplays inspired by them, can be healing and transformative.  When we are drawn to these dark journeys, how can we travel with respect to emotional safety, how do we figure out where our limits are to be found, and how we will recognize them after we have altered our state of consciousness beyond recognition deep in a dreamy role?  I’m starting in on writing a book about this, with the intent of exploring the deeper meanings, and the enormous diversity of possible experiences.  Come along and let’s talk about your stories, how we can dig into the rich meanings to be found in becoming them, and how we can enact them without blowing ourselves out of the water, but learn to swim in scary delights.

Participants will learn how to look into the fairy tales of our fantasies and develop scripts that make it possible to bring a fantasy into reality by scripting a scene, with full regard for the emotional safety for all participants, that we can enact as a journey to our inner selves and view in the healing light of Eros.