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*Workshops by Track*

Spirituality and Personal Growth
  1. Carnal Alchemy: BDSM for Personal Transformation
  2. Chivalry
  3. Energy Play
  4. Needles, Rituals, and Primal Energy
  5. Sex Magic: Energy Work and Power Exchange
  6. The BDSM Diet Plan
  7. Stories From Our Shadows
Your Vegas is Showing and Roleplay
  1. Aw, Christfuck! My Vegas is Showing!
  2. Advanced Petplay: Headspace, Psychology, and the Chewed Boot Paradox
  3. Dollification!
  4. D/s Behaviors of Equines & Incorporating Horse Behaviors into your Pony Play
  5. Find Your Bark: an Introduction to Puppy Play!
  6. I Want My Mommy! Age Play 101
  7. Showing Your Vegas: Strategies for Public Sex
  8. Stepping out as a Human Pony
  9. Vegas Style: A Two-Sided Coin