Papa Bear

At age 16, Papa Bear began his journey researching his passions via books and other literature (the only legal recourse when one discovers such proclivities at such a tender age); at age 18, a wonderful Miss took him under her wing. Under her tutelage, he learned how to use the tools he fetishized, and he hasn’t looked back since. An active member of the Las Vegas community, Papa Bear was the 2015 President for LUC of LV, a member of the Las Vegas Leadership Council and Vegas Valley TNG, a staff member of Sin in the City, and the Associate Director for the last Las Vegas Mentors Program. He was honored to serve as Mr. Southwest Olympus Leather 2014 and won the title of International Person of Leather in 2015. Papa Bear is a leatherman that wants to share knowledge with everyone who hungers for it as much as he!