Jo identifies as a polyamorous submissive.  She has been very active in the local community for over a decade. She served as an RKS Board Member, the On-site Art Coordinator for REAF, and Dungeon Coordinator for Exotic Fantasies.  She has been the demo-bottom for and co-presented with some national presenters at local and national events.  As a demo bottom for a variety of classes including knife play, whips, micro-branding, sutures, fire play and fire flogging, she is been able to offer attendees the “bottom’s” insight.  During her years of service through volunteering, she has had the opportunity to learn from many people. She began presenting as another way to give back to the community by sharing experiences, passing on knowledge, and honoring those who taught her.  She presents discussion based classes on a variety of topics including negotiation and consent, polyamory, service, along with a few hands-on workshops.

Jo will be presenting the following workshops at Sin 2017
  • Submission and the Single Submissive: Life without a D-type and ways to thrive
  • Bottoming from the Top: Topping by a submissive