MarcTaylor & SNoB

MarcTaylor has been a rope bondage practitioner, performer, and educator for the past 11 years. He has taught and performed all over the world, most notably in Hong Kong, Toronto, and London. MarcTaylor is the ringleader of the Pink Fork Mafia, an international family of kinky people dedicated to each other and the pursuit of dungeon and real world shenanigans often involving pink plastic cutlery. He enjoys smooth jazz and naked people in distress.


Big Mike, aka SNoB is a

proud member of the Pink Fork Mafia. He moved to Denver in 2014 from Portland where he was involved in the kink scene since 2006. He has taught and performed at KinkFest, Sonic Bloom, Portland Rope Arts Group, Denver Rope Bite, Morpheus’s Bondage Extravaganza, DeaconX Fetish Night, Night of Kink, Repent and various other fetish events. He has also served on the KinkFest committee 5 times.  He is a member of the circus groups Fractal Tribe and Cirque Tones.

MarcTaylor & SNoB will be presenting the following workshops at Sin 2017:
  • Not-So-Sensual Bondage: Putting the Hurt On
  • Bondage for a Beat Down: Rope Bondage to Facilitate Impact Play