Ms Tori

Ms Tori started bootblacking years before she found BDSM or Leather.  She was shining her and her late husband’s boots prior to going out dancing, as far back as 2000.  For years she performed the tasks of blacking without calling herself a bootblack. It was not until she started bootblacking at/for charity events that she started using the term in reference to herself. 

In August 2011, Ms Tori became a member of The Tarheel Leather Club.  She was club President  2012-2014, club Treasurer 2014-2016 and now alumni.  Ms Tori is the representative for Team Friendly NC, Triad Area.  In 2016 she co-founded the Leather History Preservation Foundation, a registered non-profit, and is the Executive Director. She is an ally and activist in the fight for equality.  Ms Tori ran for and won the title of Southeast Bootblack 2016 at Southeast Leatherfest in August 2016.

Ms Tori will be presenting the following workshop at Sin 2017: