Pepper Pups & Pollux

Pepper Pups and her handler, Pollux, live and work in Los Angeles.. Pepper has identified as a pup her entire life, and Pollux has acted as her handler for nearly half a decade. Both are active members of the L.A. Pony and Critter club. Pepper enjoys romping on all four legs through the kink, leather, and fetish communities of southern California, and Pollux is never far behind. When they're not not pupping out at parades or festivals, Pollux can be found enjoying time with his three bio-dogs, and Pepper can be found hitting on redheads and moonlighting as her alter ego, Tony Bark.

Pepper Pups & Pollux will be presenting the following workshops at Sin 2017:
  • Advanced Pup Play: Beyond Obedience
  • Cinematic and Taboo Role Play