Poly's Pleasures

The Alexanders have been living and learning the BDSM, polyamory and power exchange lifestyles for the last ten years. Through their business they have been able to attend many events. These coupled with their driving curiosity have allowed them to diversify their kink and relationship knowledge which they have spent the last four years giving back by presenting at numerous conferences. In addition to hands on skills in rope work, body art, empty hand techniques and rough body play, they have a world of landmines and rainbows to share concerning their experiences living a full time polyamorous and power exchange dynamic. They have also published ten BDSM, polyamory, power exchange happy ever after novels to date with more on the way. Their books can be found on www.naughtyeverafter.com and their unique jewelry, clothing, costuming and accessories at www.polyspleasures.com

Poly's Pleasures will be presenting the following workshop at Sin 2017: