Currently Confirmed Workshops for Sin in the City 2017
Stay Tuned as More are Added Daily!

Just the Basics: Rope 101 by Levi "Otter"
Leather vs. Not Leather: Approaches to Master/slave Structures by Dr. Bob & M_Jen
Let's Play a Game by Mr. Andrew Love
Lightning and Thunder, pt. I & pt. II: Whip Intensive by Master Malik & slave Cathy
Master! Can We Keep It? by Master Tallen & slave george
Maximum Pony by subMissAnn
Medical Staples / Needles by KYew
Middles Aplenty by Autumn
Mimicry vs. Mindfulness by Lady Catherine Gross
Misconceptions About the Scene by Switch Jake
M/s and D/s Across the Miles by Ms Rhonda & tomo
M/s & Marriage & Love by Lady Catherine Gross
Nailed Down by Issac Cross
Not-So-Sensual Bondage: Putting the Hurt On by MarcTaylor & SNoB
Orgasm Play! by Jordyn
Picking Up the Pieces by Poly's Pleasures
Poly Relationships: Essentials, Joys, Challenges by Ms Rhonda & tomo
Pony Play in Small Spaces by subMissAnn
Puppy Play 101 by Luna Bear
Sacred Blood Rites by Mr. Andrew Love
The Sacred in the Profane by Jon Marrelli
Sex Toys Extravaganza by Dr. Bob & M_Jen
Shit Doms Say: How to Talk Like a Top by Danarama
Should I Go Pro? by Mistress Cyan
Slip it On, Strap it Up: The how to & need to know about strap-on play by Goddess Sadie Hawkins
Spill the Tea!: Let's Talk Trans (Transgender, that is) by Goddess Sadie Hawkins
Spirituality in the Dungeon by Master Malik & slave Cathy
The Stroke of Luck by Master Patricia
Submission and the Single Submissive: Life without a D-type and ways to thrive by Jo
Switching: Corporal Punishment by Mark Frazier