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The Sacred in the Profane

Presenter: Jon Marrelli
Day: Friday
Time: 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Location: Apollo 2

As a dirty, raunchy, sexual kink practitioner and Leatherman, I find that my church and my dungeon are the same place. I have ecstatic experience, or see the face of god, when I am "playing" hard in the dungeon. And I set out to have more of these experiences.

While not a practitioner of any organized system, Jon has experimented with many. Jon looks for personally effective ritual elements, in order to seek out the sacred experience in the midst of the raunchy dungeon. In this class, we will discuss a number of ways to incorporate sacred, ritual, and magical elements into SM scenes. This is designed to be a practical introduction to the idea of building deliberate ritual into SM play.